Ending the Group Stage: DreamHack Masters Las Vegas Day 3 Recap

North, VP, NiP, and Na'Vi have punched their ticket to the playoffs.

6 days ago /  Jamie Villanueva

CWL Paris Day Two Recap

Day two of CWL Paris brings group play to an end as teams look to advance to the championship bracket.

5 days ago /  Tyler Lench

Splyce and Fnatic Go 4-3: EU LCS Week 5 Day 3 Recap

The fifth week of the EU LCS featured matches between Splyce vs. ROCCAT and Fnatic vs. Origen.

5 days ago /  Dylan Sen

Future Halo games to regain split-screen capability

This fan-favorite feature was taken out in Halo 5, but will now make its comeback.
Gabriel Ionica - 11 minutes ago - Halo

Stats Speak: A look at pick rates in competitive Overwatch

Blizzard released a big patch that changed multiple heroes. Here, I will look at how the patch affected the pro scene and what heroes are picked.
Joe Tortorice - an hour ago - Overwatch

Festival Queen Anivia now available

Party parrot has hit the rift.
Adam Newell - 3 hours ago - LoL

Thorin's Top 20 Best CS:GO Players Never to Win a Major - Part 1 (20-11)

Thorin counts down the 20 best CS:GO players never to win a major
Duncan Shields - 4 hours ago - CS:GO

G2 stays alive: IEM Katowice Day 2 Recap

Despite a close call, Europe's best are still in the tournament. Elsewhere, Flash Wolves advanced and M19 exited the event.
Spencer Hester - 4 hours ago - LoL

They Came Two by Two: Overwatch Carbon Series Week 1 Recap

The Overwatch Carbon Series kicked off its tournament with six series in the first week featuring top North American teams
Joe Tortorice - 5 hours ago - Overwatch

Crowns Esports Club loans Jayzwalkingz to Fnatic Academy

Crowns Esports Club confirmed a two month deal with one of their rising stars.
Adam Newell - 5 hours ago - CS:GO

ELEAGUE set to host $250,000 Street Fighter V Invitational

ELEAGUE is expanding into fighting games.
Adam Newell - 5 hours ago - General

Phenomenon joins Enigma6

In preparation for the tournament in Atlantic City, Enigma6 made a Gears of War roster change.
JovonWhite - 6 hours ago - Gears