Issues with building and conceptualizing rosters in Overwatch

Elbion discusses logical gaps in how we think about Overwatch rosters

Elbion  -  11 days ago

Stats Speak: A look at pick rates in competitive Overwatch

Blizzard released a big patch that changed multiple heroes. Here, I will look at how the patch affected the pro scene and what heroes are picked.
Joe Tortorice - an hour ago - Overwatch

They Came Two by Two: Overwatch Carbon Series Week 1 Recap

The Overwatch Carbon Series kicked off its tournament with six series in the first week featuring top North American teams
Joe Tortorice - 5 hours ago - Overwatch

Minstrel leaves Team Liquid

Team Liquid announced that John "Minstrel" Fisher is set to leave their Overwatch roster.
Adam Newell - 7 hours ago - Overwatch

Tyler's Take: Who is the next hero?

The buzz surrounding the identity of the new hero in Overwatch is at an all-time high.
Tyler Lench - a day ago - Overwatch

Team YP signs an Overwatch team

Team YP announced the acquisition of an Overwatch roster.
Adam Newell - a day ago - Overwatch

Pipe Dream Rosters Part 1: Frontline Fiesta

Elbion builds a theoretical Overwatch roster and lays out its dynamic.
Elbion - 2 days ago - Overwatch

Blizzard teases new Overwatch character

Is a 10-year-old science whiz going to be Overwatch's next hero?
Scott Duwe - 2 days ago - Overwatch

Resource allocation in Overwatch

Elbion talks about the different ways resources are allocated in Overwatch.
Elbion - 5 days ago - Overwatch

REUNITED joins eUnited

The Overwatch team formerly under REUNITED is now a part of eUnited.
Preston Byers - 10 days ago - Overwatch