Jan 10 2017 - 10:20 pm

Will Urfwick and Grey Warwick Return?

Two popular Warwick skins might be making their return.

Riot Meddler has been at it again on the social message boards, answering questions based on the recently revealed Warwick update. Meddler mentioned two skins, Urfwick and Grey Warwick, that might be making their return, as the urf skin in particular has not been available since 2010.

"We're looking into options for both Urfwick and Greywick since those are now cool updated skins that aren't accessible anymore," Meddler said. "[I'm] not sure what solutions we will or won't find there, given there's some past history to recognise too, they're on our radar though certainly."

This news just helps to increase all of the hype surrounding the Warwick remake, and it would be cool to see these old skins come about again.

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Feb 18 2017 - 7:14 pm

Splyce and Fnatic Go 4-3: EU LCS Week 5 Day 3 Recap

The fifth week of the EU LCS featured matches between Splyce vs. ROCCAT and Fnatic vs. Origen.
Photo Credit: Riot Games
GAMURS Editor and Head of CoD Content

(4-3) Splyce 2-0 ROCCAT (0-7)

The first game of the series started out in the typical EU farm-fest fashion, until around 10 minutes when ROCCAT nabbed first blood, but ended up losing every member to Splyce. This broke open the game, as ROCCAT moved to take dragon while Splyce started sieging turrets. ROCCAT, however, was able to take down two turrets soon after Splyce took down three. The game then resorted back to a farm-fest, with two dragons and two kills being the only events that took place over the course of the next 12 minutes. At around 30 minutes, Splyce took Baron and two ROCCAT member’s lives. Soon after, Splyce moved towards ROCCAT’s base and then took down their towers, inhibitors and nexus with ease.

The second game started in the typical fashion until around nine minutes, when Jonas "Trashy" Andersen found a solo kill for first blood on Kim "Wadid" Bae-in. This set the outline for the game, as there were many picks and small skirmishes throughout the game. Most of these skirmishes went in favor of Splyce, with Trashy taking many of the kills. With their massive kill, gold and item advantage, Splyce moved to take down objectives. They were able to take down nine towers, two dragons, one Baron, three inhibitors and a nexus, while ROCCAT only mustered up a tower and a dragon in that same timeframe.

(4-3) Fnatic 2-0 Origen (0-6)

The first game was a rout in favor of Fnatic. With ADC Martin "Rekkles" Larsson getting first blood, he never looked back. On Jhin, Rekkles ended the game 10/0/7. However, the rest of his team helped him out by giving first tower gold at seven minutes and constantly giving him lane pressure. Origen was consistently being out-rotated and outplayed until around 21 minutes, when they were able to take a Baron off of a three-for-two trade in favor of Origen. While they were able to siege three towers, kills were unable to be found. Fnatic stalled out the game until they took their own Baron at 33 minutes and then was able to end the game soon afterwards.

The second game was much like the first in terms of Fnatic dominating, but Origen had even less fight in them this time around. With Mads "Broxah" Brock-Pedersen getting the first three kills of the game, Fnatic had little in their way as they consistently pushed lanes and tried to force fights. Origen was only able to kill six members of Fnatic the entire game, whereas Fnatic earned 12 kills, 10 towers, two inhibitors, two dragons and a Baron.

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Today - 3:36 pm

Is Origen teasing roster changes?

Could we see possible changes to Origen's League of Legends roster?
Image via Riot Flickr

After Origen failed to beat Fnatic in yesterday's European League Championship Series (EU LCS) match, which took their overall season record to 0-6, Origen's social media released a cryptic message to their fans.

While this is all speculation at this time, the message states quite clearly "we need changes and we will do them." But what changes is Origen considering? Are they thinking about gameplay adjustments, coaching alterations, or are they saying they have no choice but to seek alternative team members?

Changing the team this late in the season could have severe effects, but when you are left with nothing, something needs to give. Aleksi "Hiiva" Kaikkonen is just one of the names circulating as a possible change, as the player has been one of the targets for many Origen fans due to his poor performance on this team so far.

Regardless, whatever change Origen is talking about, we will update you with any news when more information is released.

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