HWC Mexico City Preview

Latin America, a region that has received a minuscule amount of support compared to the more popular NA and EU regions, will finally get the much-needed support on the behalf of GFINITY and 343 Industries.
16 hours ago - Halo

ImPerium Halo: A Potential Powerhouse

This team may transform into a powerhouse lineup capable of doing great damage in this scene.
2 days ago - Halo

Lethal Gaming acquires a Halo team for Vegas

Lethal Gaming recently announced their acquisition of a Halo team heading into HCS Las Vegas.
3 days ago - Halo

Food for Thought: Cratos is far from done

Many felt that after the downfall of Enigma6, the Cratos saga would finally end.
4 days ago - Halo

NA HWC Online Qualifier Results

Today was the fourth NA HWC Online Qualifier, hosted by Millennial Esports.
5 days ago - Halo

eXcellence Gaming returns to Halo

News broke out today that eXcellence Gaming will make its return to Halo with a new roster for HCS Las Vegas.
6 days ago - Halo

ESL embarks on another journey in the Philippines

ESL has decided to embark on another journey in the Philippines with a new Dota tournament titled “The Manila Masters.”
6 days ago - Dota2

Food for Thought: Censorship in Halo

There needs to be a strong balance of honesty and professionalism within Halo and that should be the main idea that comes into mind if 343 and ESL plan to follow the footsteps of larger games in the sense of censorship.
7 days ago - Halo

Food for Thought: An Irate Community Over "No Sprint"

This tension will eventually reach its breaking point and an uncertain level of chaos may erupt over something so minuscule compared to the chaotic outcome.
14 days ago - Halo

ESL Deserves Respect: Zach's Take on the HWC Location Dilemma

There is a saying that goes very well with this dilemma: “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.”
16 days ago - Halo