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Blizzard teases new Overwatch character

Is a 10-year-old science whiz going to be Overwatch's next hero?
2 days ago - Overwatch

Activision Earnings Call Teases Overwatch League "Later This Year"

The first combine and league kick-off will be coming in 2017.
14 days ago - Overwatch

2017 Call of Duty Will Bring "Traditional Combat"

Call of Duty players' prayers have been answered as Activision promises the series will "return to its roots."
14 days ago - CoD

Overwatch PTR Update Brings Big Bastion Buff, Server Browser and More

A large PTR update is now live, bringing a massive buff to Bastion along with numerous other changes.
16 days ago - Overwatch

Overwatch Developer Update: Server Browser and More

A new way to play custom games is coming soon to Overwatch, plus more.
16 days ago - Overwatch

How to Make Capture the Flag Work in Overwatch

Capture the Rooster shows CTF's potential in Overwatch, but some adjustments and tweaks could make the game mode work for competitive play.
20 days ago - Overwatch

Overwatch's Lucio to Join Heroes of the Storm Roster

The roller-blading DJ with healing powers is the third Overwatch character to join Blizzard's MOBA.
20 days ago - Overwatch

Lunatic-Hai Suspends Two Overwatch Players

Two pros participating in OGN Apex Season 2 have been suspended, and the reason may surprise you.
23 days ago - Overwatch

Bastion Changes Coming Soon to PTR

The mobile turret will have some serious buffs on Overwatch's test server.
24 days ago - Overwatch

D.Va's Defense Matrix to Receive Slight Buff

After being nerfed harshly in a recent patch, D.Va will be brought back up a tad soon.
24 days ago - Overwatch