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James Mattone is an esports writer who is transitioning from sports journalism. He currently attends Boston University, and you can follow him on Twitter at https://twitter.com/TheJamesMattone

Feb. 20 CWL Pro Points Update: OpTic, FaZe, eUnited Guaranteed for LAN League

After back-to-back event weekends in Atlanta and Paris, OpTic Gaming, FaZe and eUnited are all shoe-ins for the CWL Global Pro League.
3 days ago - CoD

Two years later: The Reign enters a new dynasty

Two years after the Roanoke Reign, formally known as Virtue Gaming, was founded, CEO Brent Beckner reflects on the growth of his organization, taking a different approach to success in the community.
5 days ago - General

A Pnda Watch has been placed on Competitive CoD

A team that forced OpTic Gaming into the eleveth round of Game Five twice, PNDA Gaming is ready for their shot at being one of the premier professional Call of Duty teams
7 days ago - CoD

Orbit Esports Becomes Esports Investment Company, Merges Operations with Red Reserve

Orbit Esports has become an esports investment company, and has merged operations with Red. Their two CS:GO teams, as well as their EU CoD team, will play under the Red Reserve banner.
8 days ago - General

eUnited defeats OpTic Gaming to take home CWL Atlanta in game five

eUnited is your 2017 CWL Atlanta Open champion.
11 days ago - CoD

Scump on facing Team EnVyUs: 'It's always fun and the rivalry adds onto it'

Seth "Scump" Abner is ready to reignite a rivalry.
12 days ago - CoD

Detroit Renegades, Led By Sender, Ready for Pool D

Troy "Sender" Michaels and the Detroit Renegades are ready to wade through Pool D after two days of open bracket play.
12 days ago - CoD

Reedy Pulls No Punches After Sweeping ACHES

One of North America's best has fallen to a European squad.
13 days ago - CoD

More Details About CWL Stages, Anaheim, CoD Championship, $3.1 Million Total on the Line

A lot of information was just released about what fans and players can expect throughout the rest of the 2017 season of the CWL.
13 days ago - CoD

Supremacy runs into visa issues again, will have SenKa replaced by Wailers

With a Supremacy player being prevented from attending another LAN event, Wailers will substitute for Supremacy at MLG Atlanta.
14 days ago - CoD