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Festival Queen Anivia now available

Party parrot has hit the rift.
3 hours ago - LoL

Crowns Esports Club loans Jayzwalkingz to Fnatic Academy

Crowns Esports Club confirmed a two month deal with one of their rising stars.
5 hours ago - CS:GO

ELEAGUE set to host $250,000 Street Fighter V Invitational

ELEAGUE is expanding into fighting games.
5 hours ago - General

2017 Pokémon World Championships set to feature $500,000 prize pool

The 2017 Pokémon World Championships, will be taking place from Aug. 18-20 in Anaheim, California.
7 hours ago - General

Minstrel leaves Team Liquid

Team Liquid announced that John "Minstrel" Fisher is set to leave their Overwatch roster.
7 hours ago - Overwatch

TLDR: League of Legends Patch 7.4 Notes

Patches are long at times. Sometimes, we just want to know what's going on.
a day ago - LoL

Dragon Slayer Xin Zhao and Dragon Sorceress Zyra revealed

These new skins will hit the rift in a future patch.
a day ago - LoL

SKT launches official YouTube channels for players

SK Telecom T1 has launched a team channel, along with individual player channels.
a day ago - LoL

Team YP signs an Overwatch team

Team YP announced the acquisition of an Overwatch roster.
a day ago - Overwatch