Gears of War
Prison Retires From Gears of War
BY Connor Bradley
December 8th 2016

It's a sad day in the Gears of War community; Noah “Prison” Burkholz has announced his retirement from competitive gaming. I had the pleasure of interviewing this man and he has been in the scene for a very long time, placing well in a multitude of tournaments. Here are just some of these placings: 

Major Tournament Placings

  • GoW 1 MLG Toronto 2008 - 3rd Place
  • GoW 1 MLG Dallas 2008 - 2nd Place
  • GoW 1 MLG Vegas 2008 - 4th Place
  • GoW 2 MLG Orlando 2009 - National Champions ($40,000)
  • GoW 2 MLG Columbus 2009 - Champions
  • GoW 2 MLG Dallas 2009 - 2nd
  • GoW 2 MLG Anaheim 2009 - Champions
  • GoW 3 Hypefestation 2 - 2nd  
  • ESL Season 1 GoW: Ultimate Edition - 5th
  • ESL Season 2 GoW: Ultimate Edition - 6th

Here is his full TwitLonger on his retirement. Everyone here at GAMURS wishes him the best of luck in his future endeavors in life and I am sure that the Gears of War community will second that.

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