League of Legends
Galio is Next on Riot's Rework List
BY Adam Newell
January 11th 2017

With the Warwick update out, Galio is officially the next champion on the rework list. Riot is more than likely to bring out a new champion or two beforehand, but there is no denying that Galio is the next rework champion.

Whether or not people expected to see a Galio update, especially after SK Telecom T1 mid laner Lee "Faker" Sang-hyeok was seen playing it in the recent KeSPA Cup in the LCK, is to be decided. A lot of people are still openly awaiting updates for characters like Nunu and Amumu, just to name a few, even if only minor changes are needed.

To stay relevant in a changing meta-game, I hope to see Galio keep some of his kit and not see an overall change, similar to what happened to Yorick, in order to keep a bit of the character's identity in the long run.

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